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これまでにないほど、今や自動翻訳のクオリティは上がってきています。私たちK&M トランスレーションは、原文に書かれた、書き手の鼓動が、翻訳された言葉を通じても生き生きとビートを刻んでいけるような深みのあるサービスをお約束します。



We are small translation, writing, proofreading, and editing firm that specializes in producing and working with bilingual texts that require a highly accurate understanding of nuance, background philosophy, contextual information, and stylistic components of the authors original voice. While technology now provides for more translation options than ever before, K & M Translations offers the type of in depth service and support that guarantees the beating heart of what you write can be felt thrumming through the words of the translation as well.

The staff at K & M Translation have personal work and translation experience in the health and human services sector, mass media, chemical sciences, entertainment industry, and education as well as having received a number of awards for their works of creative writing including fiction, poetry, and personal essays.