一般翻訳 100文字あたり


技術・学術的翻訳 100文字あたり


聞き取りと翻訳 100文字あたり


ネイティブチェックと一部編集 100文字あたり


文章作成(MC原稿,キャッチコピーなど) 応相談。お問い合わせください。



K&M Translations offers a full range of services including, but not limited to: translating, editing, proof-reading, and copywriting.

We specialize in producing and working with technical, academic, literary, spoken word, and other difficult to translate texts. While costs might seem slightly higher than other translation and writing firms, we believe that the the price is worth ensuring that your writing carries not only the meaning, but the true weight and force of the message you wish to share.


Minimum Price List

general translation

400 words or characters


technical/academic translation

400 words or characters


transcription and translation

400 words or characters


proof-reading and line-editing

400 words or characters


original content creation including MC scripts and catch copy Contact for detailed pricing information and services available.